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   The re-creation of Artsakh is possible through the joint efforts of the Armenians spread all over the world.  Artsakh is not only the pride and the symbol of the Armenians’ new victories, but also the image and honour of Armenian nation for appearing before the world.

   The national lottery of Artsakh is a distinctive way of being the little part of the national victory; this is one of those exclusive cases when the victory is inevitable because the Armenian wins in both cases: prosperous motherland with prosperous families.

   The main goal of the national lottery is to use the profit gained from the realization of tickets for strategic significance that is repatriation and development projects of communities.

   The first raffle of the national lottery was held on December 28, 2013 a symbolic day for Artsakh (on this day the first election of the Supreme Council was held). During the conducted raffle 342 tickets out of 261505 won, the prize fund amounted more than AMD 200 million.

   The profit gained from the realization of Artsakh national lottery tickets (about AMD 300 million) was directed to the communities, development of infrastructures, repatriation and other strategic projects.

     The construction of 37 dwelling houses is in process in the community  of Ishkhanadzor of Kashatagh region.

     The results of the first raffle of the national lottery guarantee undeniable success of the initiative.